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Dec 8, 2013 10:35am EST
, thompson never showed good washington showed up, say, guys, i want to meet neighboring. on the hostage row when the police not washington. the best kept to themselves. >> that's also a safety precaution. so if somebody is caught and questioned severely, he can't spill the beans. >> guest: and a day. the cia told me to read into this. i kept reading that tenet didn't know what it meant. so, they said they did that drops. if i am looking to get information to you, i might put you at these coordinates at this rock. >> host: but that is a dead drop rate here. >> guest: take that will pick it up. >> host: we were talking about dead drops. finish that off. >> guest: yesterday about the tools of the trade. one is the cia told me what to the virginia and i did that because i want to make sure it wasn't so caught up in the story that has been blurred by. i wanted to make sure, and that could have the right path and say this is a special group and they told me they teach their guys this thing. i go how would you define that? they said you have a set location and i would tell you, go to 66 and 30 giv
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1